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    Content of HHK file is not reflected in CHM

      I have created an index using the Smart Index Wizard based on the Topic Title only. After tidying up unwanted keywords, I removed some of the multiple topics linked to some keywords (typically those that can be accessed from other linked topics already listed against that keyword). I did this by editing the HHK and removing the unwanted links. Saved the HHK. No problem here.
      I also edited some of the Topic Titles in the HHK file so that they are more specific. When seen via the Index section (RH X5) in the Index Keyword Properties window, the Topic Titles have been changed accordingly. However, when running the CHM, it still uses the old Titles, as if those titles don't actually come from the HHK file or are being cached from somewhere else.

      I exited RH many times. Copied the CHM to some unrelated folder but no difference. Anybody knows where those Topic Titles in the Topic Found window (1 keyword pointing to multiple links) are coming from?