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    Why have some of my buttons changed to "Try" instead of "Install"?


      Yesterday, I updated my Adobe Creative Cloud. Afterwards, it asked me to log back onto my account. I did so, only to find that now some of my download buttons say "Try" instead of "Install" on them. Here is an image of my Creative Cloud window:




      As you can see, Applications such as Acrobat and Audition only say "Try", while others say "Install". However, I have purchased the full suite, and until yesterday had complete access to installing any application I wanted.


      I also received this email:




      This does not make sense for me to receive, because I already subscribed to this full service around 6 months ago. I don't understand why I'm suddenly being treated as a new user, nor why I suddenly only get these "30 day trials", when I've been paying the subscription each month I've had access to these apps. The subsciption was supposed to last a year, and this most definitely isn't a new account.


      I have already tried quitting out of Creative Cloud and re-opening it. That has not affected the issue. I've checked the App Language, and it is still correctly set to "English (North America)". That seems to have no relevence to the issue.


      How do I regain my rightful access to these apps?