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    Brand guide - colours?


      Hi everyone, I'm setting a brand guidelines. At the moment the logo has a Pantone reference passed onto me with a 4colour

      Breakdown supplied.


      I need to create digital versions of the logos in rgb. The only problem I have is how to convert the cmyk logo (illustrator). Do I do a straight conversion in illu, but my profile is adobe rgb or, do I get a srgb value?


      The logo will be used in many forms of design. Online and offline.





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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          I would use the sRGB, and you can get that by making a doc in ID and assigning the sRGB working space, then add the Pantone as a spot color, which since cs6 will bring it in as Lab. you can then re-define it as process and RGB and you'll get the correct sRGB numbers.