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    "JavaScript Error encountered while loading HTML"




      I have been trying to embed a google map on a InDesign CC page, NO LUCK YET.


      I spoke several Adobe InDesign help line people, unfortunately they couldn't solve it.


      Here is the problem: I tried with different versions


      1- version) I copy of a map code and paste the code on a page, shows grey square round image and nothing (no map)


      2- version) From Object menu:

          "Select insert HTML.."

          "This is an HTML snippet."

      I paste the codes into HTML box, a second later, small box message,

           "JavaScript Error encountered while loading HTML"


      I have 64bit 12gb ram computer with windows 8.1

      InDesign CC version 9.2.1 x64

      Java 7 update 51


      I have tried with Internet explorer, google chrome and fire fox, and different maps, still no luck.


      Can anyone solve this problem?


      Thank you in advance,