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    Corner pin = soft. Any other CP plugins and it's about time AE got some resizing filters?

    scattar Level 1

      I'm doing some shot clean up using a corner pin from tracked Mocha footage. As usual the standard AE corner plugin sends the footage soft and a unsharp mask doesn't return it to how it looked before. Does anyone know of any other corner pin plugins that do a better job at keeping the image sharp? I've had a look around but have yet to come across one.


      Alternatively, it's about time resizing filters like the ones found in NUKE and various other packages (even Smoke has them and that thing is useless) were introduced to AE and that would help to solve issues like this. AE artists have been begging Adobe for these for years and so far all they've given us is the little sampling checkbox and a detail preserving upscaling plugin, not quite the same.