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    Cannot open copy of InDesign CC document located on a network server

    Jan Thore

      Adobe InDesign CC Mac v 9.2.1

      We have always had the possibility to «Open Copy» of InDesign documents which is in use by another user by using the option «Open Copy» in the Open-dialog.

      After upgrading to InDesign CC last week (currently v 9.2.1) we are now not longer able to open a copy of files in use, neither duplicate the file in Finder.


      When we try to open a copy we get this error message:

      «This file is already open by another user or another application. This file may be stored on a network server and cannot be opened until the other user closes it.»


      This is extremly irritating, and we spend a lot of time in closing files, duplicate them and open the copy manually. This has never been a problem until this CC version.


      I assume this is i a bug from Adobe, and that it will be fixed soon! I hope not this is a «new feature»!

      Annyone experienced the same problem and found a fix/workaround for it? Please...


      Jan Thore

      Mediateam, Norway