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    Is it possible to create a hologram 3d animation

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      I am creating an animation in 3DS Max.  The animation is from a camera looking down on a floor with a few moving objects and is going to be run on a video floor made up of tiles.  The problem is that the camera view is a true plan with no perspective.  When viewed from any other angle other than above it is obvious that there is no depth to the objects in the scene.


      Could someone please tell me if there is any way possible to create this as say, a hologram, so that the objects appear to have depth when viewed from the sides.


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Make the hologram in 3DS Max using shading or process the rendered video in AE to look more like a hologram... there are lots of ways.


          You haven't given us much to go on. This seems like a design problem more than anything else.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Unless you use special screens or projection techniques that would support this e.g. with polarization tricks or make it fully dynamic/ realtime so it includes automatic tracking of the visitor and a computer calculating the correct perspective that is pretty much a futile exercise. You can only design it to one specific scenario and let it play. Of course you may be able to improve depth perception by manually animating exaggerated parallax (and not using a camera in MAX or AE), using stylized color corrections that improve contrast as well as the usual tricks of using depth cueing/ fog, but that's all.



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              Flat projection.jpgThanks Rick.


              What I am struggling to get my head round is this.


              There is one camera looking down on the objects (camera view bottom right of attached).  The actual objects are shown top right.  When displayed on the video floor the objects obviously have no depth (as shown top left of the attached.).


              Ideally I would like to be able to create a video that appears to show the depth of all objects when viewed from all sides.


              I would imagine that this would need complex software/equipment to achieve?


              Is it possible or am I dreaming of the impossible?





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                Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                Unfortunately, the display technology to do what you want to do doesn't exist in the real world.


                The key to great design is understanding your presentation medium.  I've seen guys do beautiful, dazzling 2K motion graphics that had text which was unreadable at standard definition, and they were delivering it via standard definition TV broadcast!


                Presumably your audience will be walking on the floor where your video content is being displayed, so the viewer will always be directly above the content, meaning there'll be virtually no visible 3D parallax. 


                If your 3D design is not visible when viewed in the floor-based display environment you're locked to, the key is to re-design your graphics to suit the medium.  Maybe you don't need 3D at all? Maybe some really elegant 2D animation will say what needs to be said, please the eye and solve the problem.