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    Rotated images in inDesign


      I have used CS6 on my Mac (10.6.8) to create a 240 page book with several images on most pages. Some of these have been rotated by about 20 degrees or so for effect, and are fine when viewed on inDesign. However, when exported to pdf in high quality mode a grey (un-rotated) box appears around each of the rotated images. It's faint but it is there. I did try rotating in Photoshop first and then creating a clipping path, which I have done for other images but this appears compromised by the rotation also. Grouping a number of images before rotating, as I have done on the cover, also seems to cause a particular problem, with the crop then coming in at an angle also. Even if you then ungroup these, the program seems to remember they were grouped before and still refuses to do a vertical crop, though it behaves ok with the rotated image before it is grouped. Drop Shadows on the title text appear VERY dull on my screen when viewed in the high-quality pdf mode also, though a friend viewing the same file on his computer does not get this effect. I think I can work round most of these, but the grey boxes are a real issue.


      Les Brown