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    Can't get a text field to atuo populate based upon a dropdown selection


      I have a drop down box with 3 values that can be selected:


      Dropdown2 = 101-3 subd.A

                            101-3 subd.B

                            101-3 subd.C


      I am trying to get a text field to auto populate based upon the selection:


      if Dropdown2 = 101-3 subd.A then Text4 = "ValueA"

      if Dropdown2 = 101-3 subd.B then Text4 = "ValueB"

      if Dropdown2 = 101-3 subd.C then Text4 = "ValueC"


      I have tried to create a custom calculation script for Text4:


      var v= getfiled("Dropdown2").value;

      if (v="101-3 subd.A") event.value = "ValueA";

           else if (v="101-3 subd.B") event.value = "ValueB";

           else if (v="101-3 subd.C") event.value = "ValueC";

           else event.value = " ";


      I have entered this script and the syntax appears to be correct.(At least to Acrobat XI.  I'm know programmer and have just enough knowledge to be dangerous).  When I select a value in Dropdown2 nothing happens.  No value appears in Text4.  I have checked the "commit selected value immediately" in the option of Dropdown2 per some google'ing.  I just can not understand why the values do not appear.  Any help would be appreciated.