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    Can't scroll on mobile

    Boss DJ Level 4

      I built my second responsive site and I'm having an issue with scrolling on mobile. I've only checked a blackberry z10 so far but I've checked more than one of them. I've checked it on web inspect through the phones browser and I've also deleted each element and still no scrolling. Maybe someone can see what I'm obviously missing. Thanks in advance.


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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          It doesn't work right on Android either.  Given all the CSS, I would comment out each style sheet and test to find the culprit file.  That should narrow your search quite a bit.




          Nancy O.

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            Boss DJ Level 4

            Thanks for the reply Nancy. I just tried removing each css and it still doesn't work. I've also removed each html and javascript element from the page and I get nothing. I've posted on a few forums and no one seems to be able to know. One mentioned removing float:left; from all the .movie classes but that's been my only response besides yours.