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    Final sound track issue

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      Using Pre 11, I have completed a wide screen project and exported it to DVD, using suggested AVCHD settings (.m2ts @ 1920-1080i - 30fps)  The final video quality is excellent as far as the images and video tracks go, when viewed on a 60" TV screen.  There is an issue with the actual DVD starting but it eventually works (my next problem to solve)


      Anyway, the sound track (music) plays thru all 5 speakers during playback on a Bluray player and therefore the sound is not very good in comparison to what a 2 channel stereo track, typical for music would be, or the playback in the Elements edit window.  It looks and sounds great on a computer that is only stereo, both within Elements and the exported clips to files. 

      Is there a way to export the video to a DVD this quality, but retain the 2 channel stereo playback?

      Or, is the only option to change sound output settings in the Bluray player?


      Music source within Elements are Mp3 converted to .wav prior to import.

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I do not see this with a  Premiere Elements 11 solution.


          If you have a Premiere Elements 11 burn to DVD, Widescreen_Dolby DVD product, there is only the Stereo output.

          One answer would seem to be for you to seek better in the Blu-ray player settings.


          I could suggest how you could experiment with a stereo source, take it into Premiere Elements, and export it as 5.1 channel

          BUT only as certain export saved to file on the computer hard drive. Then there might be the possibility to transfer the file to

          media that the Blu-ray player supports, such as memory card or USB flash drive, for playback with your player's 5.1 channel set.


          But that is nowhere near what you want to be for the great project you just created.


          Please let me know if I have misinterpreted your question.





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            I think you answered the question, thanks.

            But hopefully I didn't misinterpret your answer where you say

            "there is only the Stereo output"

            and I take that to mean Pre 11 does not create the 5.1 effect, but rather a 2 channel stereo.

            IF that is the case, then I can only see my option would be to change the output sound within the Bluray player to accommodate these DVD's, assuming that can be done. 

            I may also try your suggestions of experimenting with different outputs to see if that achieves a better result.



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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply and glad for the opportunity to clarify my view of the Premiere Elements 5.1 situation.


              All the burn to of Premiere Elements are for audio as Dolby Digital Stereo.


              However, when you get to export to file save to computer hard drive, things can get interesting. You can

              find a few opportunities to export certain files with 5.1 channel audio, but not Dolby Digital 5.1 channel.


              In the course of looking into Premiere Elements 5.1 channel opportunities, I ran across a way to import a source

              with Stereo and export it as 5.1 channel, not just go from 5.1 channel source to 5.1 channel export file.






              All sorts of Premiere Elements and 5.1 considerations in the above.



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                VDOSurfer Level 3

                As ATR mentions PrE outputs stereo for DVD. If you hear it in 5 speakers it is because "somebody else" is doing the channel conversion. (Blu ray Player in your case)

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                  P1965 Level 1

                  Yes, I beiieve this to be the case since the sound is fine when played on other sources like Pre 11 or a PC.  Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be a option within the player to change the output to stereo only either.

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                    A.T. Romano Level 7



                    Thanks for the reply.


                    Not sure if this is a valid question, but, just in case, Is there any way to adjust the speakers?



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                      There doen't seem to be, apart from the adjusting individual levels of each.  A couple years back, I had a typical surround set up that utilized a high end 700 watt tuner/amp, 5 speakers, and the all accessory equipment like DVD, Bluray and CD as externals.  The amp in that set up had a stereo direct function, along with countless other options, that likely would have worked in this case.


                      However, I now have a newer  'all in one'  type Samsung system (about 2yrs old) that is not only the Bluray, but 1000 watt amp tuner combined within, that has limited options for sound output.  Basically, surround set up (5 sp) is only choice that I can find.


                      But as ponder this, I don't recall a sound problem with an SD project I made several months ago, same Pre 11 and current Bluray player.  That said, I will dig up that disc and compare it.

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                        A.T. Romano Level 7



                        The follow up results should be very interesting.


                        Do you have any family's or friend's blu-ray player setup that you could use in comparisons?



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                          Many receivers have the capability to handle/process various Audio Streams. Some can be setup to create faux 5.1 from a Stereo feed, using various technology and algorithms. Usually, there will be a setting to NOT process the Audio, and play it, as it's received. This will be hardware dependent, based on the exact receiver.


                          I have 3 Marantz receivers, that do a good job of faux 5.1 from a Stereo source, but my Onkyo does not do so well, so I turn that function OFF, and it only feeds the Front Left and Front Right channels.


                          Good luck,