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    Export starting point.



      i have my video/movie completed the way i want it except i can't figure out how to either remove 10 seconds of dead time at the beginnging or just to have the export function start later. i've tried making and moving markers, etc., but no matter what, it comes out to 4:54.

      thanx for your help in advance,


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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What version of Premiere Elements are you using and on what computer operating system is it running?


          Is the dead time because your Timeline content starts at a spot other than the beginning 00;00;00;00? If that is the

          case, select your entire Timeline content and then move it to the left to start at 00;00;00;00.

          a. To select all, Edit Menu/Select All


          b. With your mouse cursor draw a rectangle around your Timeline content to select it


          What is your export destination....file saved to computer hard drive or burned to disc?


          file saved to hard drive would (in most cases) offer the export area's "Share WorkArea Bar Only" opportunity in conjunction

          with Timeline level setting the gray tabs of the Work Area Bar to span just the content to be exported.

          But, remember both are required for that to work.


          Please supply more details so that we can fine tune and customize our response.


          Thank you.



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            GMJr Level 1

            sorry, forgot to mention that i'm on premiere elements 12 on a windows 8 laptop. i will try your suggestions later tonight. they make total sense as that's what i was trying to do but just couldn't figure out the nuts and bolts of it. only my second little project so i'm very new. but i love the program. it is very similar to the audio program protools, which i'm fluent in, only video.


            thanx so much for the quick response,


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Glad for the opportunity to help. Do not hesitate to ask questions or to ask for clarification.


              We are looking forward to your results when you get a chance.


              Thanks for the follow up. Much appreciated.



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                GMJr Level 1

                Checking the box that says "Share WorkArea Bar Only" did the trick. Perfect. I kept moving the grey markers but didn't realize that that was what it referred to. Thanx again for the help!!


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                  Great news. Thanks for the follow up. Good job in working out the details.


                  Please do not hesitate to ask if questions.


                  Best wishes.