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    Filtering responses (and other questions)


      Hi there,


      I've created a form for a client, who wants to have a questionnaire that they can then track the responses to. They have a few things they want to be able to do, and I wondered if you could help me find out if these things are possible?


      1. How to filter responses from one individual?

      2. Is it possible for others to complete forms about this individual, and show all the responses about this one person, even though they are from others? How to do this?

      3. Can forms be personalised (ie individuals name on each form)?

      4. Is there a way to send out forms en masse through the site (ie create email template and merge many email addresses?)

      5. Does the form save part way through? ie if someone takes a break and comes back to fill it in later on.

      6. Is there any way to make the form less able to be copied/completed by others, e.g. time limit on the form?


      Thanks for your help!



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          plee1388 Adobe Employee



          Q1, You could try fiiter out a field if it is in the form, e,g, First name field, or email field.  But if you want to filter out  a specific individual submission, that is not currently support feature.

          Q3, No, FormsCentral is not support it.

          Q4. No, FormsCentral is not support it.

          Q5. Yes, by enable the web save option

          Q6. No, there is no time limit setting on the form