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    Creative Cloud Does Not Work - Need to Cancel


      Several months ago I decided to try Creative Cloud rather than purchase software update when I switched from my MAC to a new Windows 8 PC.


      Initially I was able to sign up and download but the products locked up and I could not use.


      I uninstalled and reinstalled but same issues.


      I updated OS to Windows 8.1 and tried to download again.  Still won't work.


      So I refreshed my PC which removes all software and puts it back to state it came from factory then updated all Microsoft software and drivers etc.


      Reinstalled everything with few issues except for Adobe Creative Cloud.


      I can log in, but when I go to the page for Documents or Download all I get is a  blank white page whether using IE or Chrome (latest versions of each).


      I can't see any download links so I can't install products so I can't use.


      After months of paying for something I can't use I am giving up.  I want a refund.  I have spent untold hours trying to get this to work.  It simply isn't worth the hassle.


      I have good bandwidth, a relatively new and powerful computer, all of the latest updates for OS etc.  No issues with Microsoft products or other products - just Adobe Creative Cloud problems.


      Please have someone contact me about how I can cancel and get a refund.  I am certain you can tell from your servers that I have not used the products in months after initial download and issues resulting from that.


      I don't have time to spend hours trying to get something to work and I can't tell you how many hours I spent on the refresh which was simply to try and get Adobe Creative Cloud working since everyting else on my computer worked but Adobe would cause lockup and even blue screen in one instance when I tried to utilize.