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    Ctrl Layer vs Marquee Selection Issue


      Ok so my problem is that I have one layer filled with blue a second layer a third the size filled with white.

      I control click the thumbnail of the white layer (second layer) to get precise size then click the blue layer (with the marching ants still moving) and hit delete.

      Ok now that part of the blue layer is gone, which is what I wanted but when I hit control T for transform of the blue layer it now includes the deleted area not just the remaining blue.

      I know right?


      But when I marquee over the blue layer where the white is and then hit delete it removes that selection and and now when I control T it conforms to the blue not including the deleted area.

      But I fear I wont get a precise selection and this is why I like doing it the first way.

      I have been doing this for years and using PS since version 3 and today I have an issue.

      I reset my pref. and tool reset all. Nothing else is acting strange just this.


      I am on a windows 64bit system.


      Many thanks for any input.

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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          It's a wee bit tricky following your post, which is probably why it has gone so long without an answer up till now.


          I never like making holes in layers because it is so permanent.  I would place the blue layer above the white BG, ctrl click the layer with the shape I wanted, then add a layer mask to the blue layer.  That way I can edit the mask to control the hole.   You can unlink the mask, and FT the mask, or layer separately etc.


          I'd also leave the white layer even if not being used, because I could come back and load it as a selection at any time by ctrl clicking it.  I find this flexible and fast, and much better than saving alpha channels.


          If I am going in the wrong direction here then I can only say sorry, but as I said, it was tricky following your post with my tired old eyes.

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            robtwkerr Level 1

            Yeah I was trying to make it as clear as I could. Not quite the answer that I was looking for but I tried your approach and it works like a charm.  Thank you for the input.