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    How can I properly manage my Creative Cloud issue?


      Hello. My name is Clue and I am an aspiring film maker.


      I have gone over ideas through my script content and photoshop work before I wished to join the full cloud because I had no need for the rest of the content at the time. Now that I am ready to take on things such as After Effects and other Adobe services to assist me, I had noted an interesting predicament.


      I had about eight months left on my Photoshop yearly contract.


      In hopes to upgrade my subscription to a creative cloud one for $50 bucks a month, it noted to me that the offer they would allow me to give was $599/ year. This was something that I can not do at this time, due to I am keeping afloat a job and slowly managing my funds equally for my desired hobby and the continuation of college.


      So, is there any means I can upgrade the subscription to the manage-able $50 per month rather than the full $599 per year?


      Thank you for your time and concern,