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    Robohelp 11 - Image Problems





      I recently installed the 11 Robohelp, and updated projects he had done in Robohelp x5. Previously I could use images captured by capturing images of Windows because now every time I try to use these images or any other image editor, to put it in the topic, there is a loss of quality and color distortion.


      If I use the "Insert / Image" option, the image is imported correctly. But I have thousands of images to use and this option is totally impractical, since the tool was purchased to further streamline the documentation process systems.


      Already on another machine I installed the tool, the problem did not occur. But the operating system is the same, with the same resources and the same updates.



      Has anyone experienced a similar situation?


      Thank you in advance for your help!!!

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          If you right-click a "distorted" image, is the option "Reset size" available?


          If so, click it and see if anything changes.


          Cheers... Rick

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            cetirobo Level 1

            Hello Captiv8r,


            Thanks for reply!!!



            The option is disabled. I identified that to paste the image in the topic, it is being identified with the gif extension and another machine where the problem of color distortion does not occur, the image is pasted with jpeg extension.


                 I've reinstalled robohelp including deleting all registry entries, and still the problem persists. 



            I was able to identify the problem, now I need to know how can I configure Robohelp to use the jpeg extension as standard for pictures pasted.


            I thought you might be happening only with a migrated project. But when I open a new project also can not use any images that I edited in Paint or any other image editor.


            Thank you in advance!

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hello again


              Well, for starters, I never ever Ever EVER recommend that images just simply be pasted into a topic. You are seeing first hand just one of the reasons why.


              You should be capturing the image and saving it to your hard drive, THEN inserting it into RoboHelp.


              There is no way I'm aware of to tell RoboHelp that you want "this type" of image format if you simply paste. RoboHelp will simply choose the type for you based on some internal algorithm. (I've used RoboHelp for 20+ years)


              By saving the image before inserting, you not only get to choose the format (.JPG/.GIF/.PNG or whatever) but you also have the opportunity to provide a meaningful name used to identify the image. It makes a whole lot more sense to look at an image file name and see something like "CustomerSupportDialog.PNG" than it ever will to look at an image file name and see IMAGE245.GIF or whatever RoboHelp elected to name it.


              Cheers... Rick

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                juliewIDS Level 1

                Hi all,


                Apologies for bumping an old thread. <Rant on> Same thing happens for me when copy/pasting from SnagIt. Now I have to save? Ridiculous. This Help system has hundreds of pages/images and saving adds several steps. Yes, I can do it, but boy - annoying. There should be a way to configure Robohelp to use the jpeg extension as standard. <Rant off>


                Glad to have found that it's not only me. And now I have to clean up all of the .GIFs.