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    Creating A Website Banner With Photoshop


      I have 4 websites. The first one is for my Applied Kinesiology seminars I teach to doctors. the second one is for my main Chiropractor Syracuse Office. The third one is for the side business I started selling chiropractic websites. The 4th site is a page for all of the top 250 cities for chiropractors to rent once they are ranked locally. I need to create unique banners for them all and I don't know what to do. They are currently all the same right now. I wanted to use photoshop to do this. It doesn't make sense to have them all be the same banner. I don't know how to make them the correct size. I do have the CS5 Master Suite so I can use any of the programs to creat the new banners. Would it be best to save them as a jpeg file? What size should the canvas size be? How would I intall them into wordpress once they are made? I'm sure there are other step I need to consider. I'm a little lost and could use some help if possible.

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          What are you using to make the websites?  If something like Wordpress, then look at their FAQ, or the style maker's info for the banner size.  As for ideas, that's not something we can really help you with, but you could try creating a list of bullet points relevant to each site, and I mean single words rather than elaborate descriptions.  Then try hitting some of those words with a thesaurus so you get more words, but they have to fit on a single page.  Then look at your mess of words and see what comes into your head.


          I started doing this 40 years ago when I entered a competition to make an advertising slogan for a racing oil company.  I won the competition with the phrase 'Ease your way to the front', and won a gallon of said racing oil which the buggers very begrudgingly presented to me at the UK Motorcycle Show that year. It broke their tight-arsed hearts to part with it!