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    Player does not work

      I have Windows XP service pacdk 2, my internet service provider is aol and I connect through them on DSL. I have a firewall and virus protection, in the past I did not have problems using flash player however I have tried everything which includes:
      Unsintalling flash player using the uninstall exe
      reinstalling flash player using the install exe
      installing a stand alone
      reinstalling IEP 7.0
      editing the registry as suggested on one of the troubleshooting suggestion on adobe page.
      I have turned off the firewall, my virus protection and removed security on IEP 7.0 uninstalled and reinstalled and still NOTHING!
      After I am prompted to install the active x controll then i install flash player 9 and I get as far as seeing the F letter on top of the white and green bar which undersneath informs that once I see the movie displayed there, that would mean that flash player is installed. Results: It prompts me to install again and then nothing! My son claims he has no problem with flash player when he switches to his settings on the computer but I doubt it and am not going to ask him to show me.
      Can anybody give me any guidance on this? I have been told that it is a windows vulnerability issue and that one of the downloads from service pack 2 may have caused this.
      Any suggesstions?
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          yes sp2 stops all active X content. It is shame that sp2 even will stop fullscreen view as it will not allow the fullscreen view to scroll. Who ever thought of and designed the sp2 obvious is overpaid and underpriviledged when it comes to brains.
          They designed it so that they could fill the numerous holes in their OS.
          Furthermore there is so much flash incorporated in XP that if you remove it XP will not function properly.