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    Creative Cloud - serial numbers


      I have signed up for Creative Cloud, and have received the VIP number already.


      After downloading Lightroom 5 when I launched the program I was asked for a serial number! Following instructions from this forum I removed Lightroom 5 and opened the Creative Cloud desktop app. Lightroom 5 is not included in the apps I can download???


      In an effort to [hopefully] get at least one piece of software for the money I paid over, through the app I downloaded InDesign CC. Strangely enough when i launched the software---- I was asked for a serial number.


      How hard can it be for Adobe to make this transition painless? How do I load any software and get it to work? I have CS6 licenced software on my Mac already. This "upgrade" to CC feels like a really bad idea!!!!!!!

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          Abhijit Kr. Adobe Employee

          Hi SeanB,


          As you have bought Creative Cloud for Team subscription you need to send an Invitation to yourself from https://creative.adobe.com and after that apps should not ask for any serial no. In case if you continue to face the issue then please follow this KB article.



          Please let us know if it helps.




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            SeanB Level 1

            Anyone having this problem, I found a solution on another thread.


            When I set up the team I created a seat for myself. As administrator I presumed that I had "signed up" for Creative Cloud. Strangely enough, this is not the case. Following the thread I also invited myself to join the team. As ironic as this may seem, as administrator you are not a member of the team you have set up. After following the email link I received, I downloaded InDesign CC and it worked. Lightroom 5 suddenly appeared in the list of Apps, I downloaded it  and no longer need a serial number!


            Hard to believe it was as easy, and simple as inviting myself to my team!


            Hope this helps