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    Generated WebHelp whcshdata.js file often linking to incorrect pages


      I am using Adobe Technical Communication Suite 4. I author in FrameMaker 11, then link the FrameMaker books to RoboHelp HTML (RoboHelp 10) to single-source WebHelp output. The WebHelp is attached to our software product. In FrameMaker, to add a context-sensitive Help marker, I “apply the CSH marker”, which is really my Map ID. I "Update All" whenever I make changes. Then I generate WebHelp.


      I am finding that I must modify my whcshdata.js file each time I generate the WebHelp. In multiple (but not all) statements of whcshdata.js, I must change the number at the end of a statement (see below).


      As one example, for CSH marker OS14, the statement was:



      Now I have to change it to:



      Is there an automated way to fix this issue? In RoboHelp, do I need to edit the Map IDs to correspond with their designated topics, and will that automatically fix the whcshdata.js file?


      Thanks for any help you can offer!