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    Adobe Flex 2 Developer Exam

    dimival Level 1
      Hey everyone, i am thinking of taking the flex certification so i was wondering if any of you has already taken it, if so which chapters do you recommend me to read from the developers guide? I downloaded the guide for the exam but it is no very clear on the topics and objectives.

      So any hint would be greatly appreciated

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          Rahul Mainkar Level 1
          I am also thinkin to take this exam, but as far as my research is concerned, flex 2: training from the source is the book ,widely used for certification purpose. This book covers all the topics necessary for the exam.

          chk out some blogs of guys who have cleared this test. one of them is this

          If you want some more info ,do some googling or send me a private message with your personal ID and i ll mail it to you