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    Deactivation of PrE 11

    john martin

      how do i deactivate my software  there is nothing on the help menu as the instructions said


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          A.T. Romano Level 7

          John Martin


          What version of Premiere Elements do you have and on what computer operating system is it running?


          If you have Premiere Elements 12 (latest version)...

          Open a new project, go to the Expert workspace Help Menu/Sign Out (that Sign Out is the Deactivate)


          If you have Premiere Elements earlier than 12 to about version 8...

          Open a new project, go to the Timeline workspace Help Menu/Deactivate


          What instructions are you looking at?


          We will be watching for your progress. Please do not hesitate to ask if you need clarification on this.





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            john martin Level 1

            Thank you for your reply


            I will give it a try


            I have version 11


            thanks again

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              A.T. Romano Level 7

              John Martin


              Thanks for the reply.


              In Premiere Elements 11, Expert or Quick workspaces, you should see Help Menu/Deactivate.


              A just in case note, deactivate is not uninstall. For uninstall, that is done after Deactivate, using

              the usual Control Panel way.


              Please let us know the outcome.






              Add On...Depending on the circumstances (to be discussed), you do not have to uninstall a program from a computer

              after you deactivate it.

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                john martin Level 1

                As per your directions it worked perfectly!


                Can't begin to tell you how much I thank you for your help



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks for the follow up news that the suggestion worked for you.


                  There are certain Activation issues that can only be handled by Adobe. We are not Adobe. Just user to user.

                  Hope you never need it, but the following is the link to Adobe via Adobe Chat for "Serial Number Issues or Activating My Product"

                  http://helpx.adobe.com/contact.html?product=premiere-elements&topic=serial-number-issues-o r-activating-my-product

                  After you open the above link, you click on "Still Need Help? Contact Us." to bring up Adobe Chat.


                  Best wishes



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                    john martin Level 1



                    You were kind enough to answer my question on deactivation a

                    while back and all went exactly as you instructed. However, I am now trying to

                    install the same software on a new computer and am running into problems.



                    I first installed Premiere Elements 11 and then next tried

                    to install Photoshop Elements 11. I had no problem with installing premiere elements but

                    when I try to install photoshop I keep getting the following error message.


                    An error during setup causes the installer to roll back


                    I next clicked on trouble shoot which sends me to Adobe

                    website with the following instructions.


                    When either one

                    of Photoshop Elements or Adobe Premiere Elements is installed, and you try to

                    install the complement, an error occurs and installation fails. Setup proceeds

                    up to a point, and then an error occurs, and the installer rolls back. For

                    example, if you have Photoshop Elements installed, then Adobe Premiere

                    Elements doesn't install, or the other way around.

                    Follow this procedure to resolve this issue:

                         1. Navigate to the location: C://Program Files(x86)/Common


                         2. Delete the files:


                    • PDAppFlex.swf


                    • PDAppFlex-app.xml

                         1. Retry setting up the application that had

                    previously failed to install.



                    I have tried this several times and in each case during the

                    install the very files that I was told to delete above and did are reinstalled

                    by Adobe during the install of Photoshop.

                    Elements and I end up with the same error message.


                    Any help you can provide as with last time will be greatly appreciated.

                             John Martin

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7

                      John Martin


                      Glad for the opportunity to be of assistance.


                      At this time, which program is installed successfully, Photoshop Elements 11 or Premiere Elements 11? For now I will assume that Premiere Elements 11 is installed successfully and Photoshop Elements 11 is not. When the install error hits, does the error message include an mention of "Shared Technologies"? I suspect that the following will work if the situation were reversed with regard to which program gets installed first..


                      Go to

                      Local Disk C

                      Program Files (x86)

                      Common Files



                      and rename the OOBE Folder from OOBE to OLDOOBE (specifically...do not put the OLD at the end)


                      Then try to install Photoshop Elements 11.


                      If you do get Photoshop Elements 11 installed, but find that you cannot open to the Full Editor, only the Elements Organizer 11, then try the approaches mentioned in the blog post




                      Also, when you get to the point where the installation has rolled back, go to Computer/Manage/Event Viewer/Windows Logs/Applications and look for any messages or errors associated with the installation roll back event.


                      We will be watching for your resulting.


                      If this is one of those Shared Technology installation errors, they are frustrating to resolve. But, when you least expect it, the install with go to a successfully completion.


                      Do not give up.





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                        john martin Level 1

                        Thank you


                        I will give it my best effort, although I will probably have to wait until tomorrow to give it a try.


                        thanks for being such a help



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                          A.T. Romano Level 7

                          John Martin


                          Positive thoughts are being sent your way. Hope the suggestions in post 7 work for you.


                          We will be watching for your results when you get a chance.


                          Best wishes