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    download link for CS4 is gone


      I purchased CS4 a couple of years ago. My computer crashed and I am not able to download the program onto my new computer because the download link is gone from my Adobe "products" section. But nothing under "my orders". I have spent HOURS talking to Adobe support and have gotten no where! I was told to download the new trial verson and then copy and paste a link but I am not sure how to do that. In addition, in the latest chat with Adobe, I was told that I can't activate it because I don't have a previous version. My brother had purchased previous versions and I paid for an upgrade. This allowed me to dowload the product. However, it caused some problems where support was concerned. Since my brother no longer used the account, he transfered it to me in December. I have the customer support case number but this hasn't seemed to help. Does anyone have any ideas?