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    Help PLEASE!!!


      Hi, I am not very computer savvy and could really use some direction on this situation.


      Back in 2008-2010, I bought some ebooks. The company only supported Adobe Digital Editions for its ebooks. My computer crashed and I had to buy a new one. I wanted to download the ebooks onto my new computer. So, I contacted your staff about a month ago & the rep gave me the older version of ADE. I downloaded it to my computer but still could not download my books. He told me I had to call the company & have them reopen the download buttons.

      I called the company I bought the ebooks from, and the rep told me that they changed the way they format their books, and since I missed the window of opportunity that they had for customers to update their ebooks to the new format, I have to now figure out how to transfer the files myself. I got so frustrated I ended up uninstalling ADE.


      The rep told me I’d have to Google “How to convert PDF/ACSM files into Kindle format” or something similar to that. She also said it’s like converting cassettes to CDs and she couldn’t help me.


      Can you give me ANY advice on how to get & convert these ebooks to my Kindle, please? Or will I have to write this off as a waste?


      Thank you in advance,