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    Edge Animate isn't working in phonegap

    new2oop Level 1

      I've seen the Lynda video of how to adapt a Edge Animate export to work as a phonegap app. However I have a EdgeAnimate export that works fine on the website (I just copied the 'publish' folder into the website and it worked fine) and I want to also use it within an existing Phonegap App.


      I have a phonegap App, created in Dreamweaver CC. it works fine, but I thought I could just drop that same 'publish' folder into the main folder of my phonegap app and link to the main file (as I did with the website). I tried that and it doesn't work.


      Is it possible to have an EdgeAnimate export as part of a phonegap App, or does the whole thing need to be from EdgeAnimate.