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    Text frames, TOC, page order

    Michael 1985



      I made this gorgeous table of contents with nice paragraph styles and a text frame on the master page. I put the text in the first frame and that filled my pages as intented. After that I used my paragraphs titles and the table of contents was done. But now I have a problem because I need to change the page order. I'm completely lost cause now my document is a mess. So is it possible to make a table of contents without using connected text frames because I know that I will have to change page order later and I want to avoid the mess I just made?


      Tnx a lot for any help!

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          Doc Maik Level 4

          1. You could manually create a TOC from hyperlinks that point to text anchors.

          2. You could manually edit your existing TOC to change the page numbers.

          3. You could just update the TOC so the page numbers match the paragraph titles again.


          In case you used linked text frames, you need to split them first. Use script "SplitStory" for that. Then you can re-arrange and update TOC.