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    Why do no Adobe Applications work on my new iMac?

    WardLarkin Level 1

      I bought a new Imac -- 27" 3.5 Ghz Core i7. This was to replace my old iMac -- 21.5" 2.5 Ghz Core i5. I used Apple's Migration Assistant Utility application to transfer data (and software and whatever else was necessary) from the old to the new. Now none of my Adobe Applications work on the new iMac. The Creative Cloud applications don't work. Old software (e.g. CS 6, CS3, etc.) doesn't work either. What's going on?


      I even downloaded some new Creative Cloud applications. That is, I hadn't downloaded Dreamweaver CC. I have a copy of Dreamweaver CS5 that I used instead. But today, because of these problems, I downloaded Dreamweaver CC. I figured a new download should work, but it doesn't.


      Do I new to re-register all of the Adobe software for this new iMac? Will that allow my Adobe Applications to work on my new iMac? 


      I'm very confused.


      Oops. Wait a second. Adobe Creative Cloud desktop works on the new iMac, but that's it.