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    White default background color in indesign pdf file


      When I export in indesign cs6 pdf file (I made a digital flipbook and I want to upload it on my website) there is a white default color in the background. Is there a way to get rid of this white default color or make it transparent in indesign?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          The white background comes from Acrobat, not ID. What kind of background would you expect to see in Acrobat if the page is transparent?

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            Jasper Schwartz Level 1

            Hello 99ctc,


            We had a quick discussion about your query in the office this morning.


            Are you looking to do an animated flipbook which will "float" on your webpage like an animation incorporated into your website... Or you just don't want to have a white background on your pages and would like a different colour?


            We couldn't think of any way to do an animation without a white background with exporting from InDesign to PDF, I just don't think InDesign is the right tool for that job. InDesign is more for print publishing or Digital Publishing, not for web animation or creating things that look animated for web. InDesign defaults to a white page for all projects, although the page colour is easy to change it can't be made transparent.


            So you can place a background layer in your InDesign document that matches the background colour or pattern of your website so that when you export your flipbook it will open as a document with a background that will match your page.


            Flash, or possibly Photoshop and Illustrator depending on what final product you are trying to do, might be better tools for the job that your are looking to accomplish.

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              99ctc Level 1

              Thanks for the response back. I figured it out, it was a size issue. I made

              a digital flipbook and wanted to upload it to my website. When I previewed

              the flipbook on my website, not only did it have the image, but there was

              white bars around it. So I increased the size to fill in the default white

              spaces. Thanks again.


              - 99ctc



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