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    Flex getting started


      My first post here. I'll just confess here and now that I'm not very familiar with code. The little that I'm familiar with is from Flash and Dreamweaver. I've never hand coded. I rely on the software to generate it.
      For what it's worth, I have worked on the design side for years.

      I have two questions.

      Is is possible to learn the basics of Flex using only design mode.
      What/Where would be the best place to learn Flex given my limited programming experience.

      Thanks in advance,
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          ctzn99 Level 1
          I would say that its almost immpossible to learn the basics of flex using design mode only. The design mode really only lets you "layout" flex elements and set their properties. To make things actually work with one another you will need to get your hands dirty with code.

          I started learning flex by following the quickstart tutorials that come with the flex builder IDE. They were pretty good at getting my feet wet, I also picked up "Action Script 3.0 Cookbook" just to use as a reference for some of the more common things you might do with flex. I don't really use it much anymore but it helped in the beginning.

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            antioxinent Level 1
            Thanks Zach.

            I appreciate the info. My journey begins ; )