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    Bayside Beat Tutorial - File location


      In part 1 of the tutorial it refers to saving the project in the dw_getting_started folder, however I cannot locate this folder on my computer.  When I save it elsewhere, it then does not come up with the sub-folders shown in the tutorial (i.e. completed, content, image, style).  Will this affect my project.  As background I'm using Google Chrome.

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          David_Powers Adobe Community Professional

          I've just checked the tutorial files. It appears that Adobe has made a slight change to the way they were originally organized. The tutorial files are in start_dreamweaver_first_website.zip.


          If you're on a Mac, the zip file should automatically expand, and create a folder called start_dreamweaver_first_website. It's not necessary to rename it. Just use that as your Local Site folder.


          On Windows, extract the zip file to a folder called dw_getting_started, and you should be good to go.