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    Can't compile for CS5.5


      Hello all,


      Updated from EB 1.5 to 2.1.

      Delete my version of FB4.6 delete all reg entries all extra folders. backup and delete my workspace.


      Installed EB 2.1 no issue import my Indesign extension (which was using 1.5) to the new install.


      manifest is set to min ver CS5 max ver blank

      went to build my project and I get  the below error :


      "Errors occurred during the build.

      Errors running builder 'Adobe Extension Builder' on project 'My Project'.



      However, if I sent my to manifest min ver CS6 max ver CS6 all works.

      I need to be able to compile for older version also.



      it seems that I can't complie it for CS 5.5 and that the CS version I have.

      CS 5 to CS 5 works

      CS 6 to CS 6  works

      CS 6 to CS cloud  works