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    Facts about Adobe's subscription, read before you buy.




      • Adobe auto renew your yearly subscirption even if you don't say a word.


      • Once they resubscribed you, you will have to pay for the whole year's fee.


      • There is no button in your user account page to stop the auto renewal.


      • There is no button in your user account page to cancel the subscription.


      • You need to contact customer support personally to do it the above two action.


      • If you choose to stop the auto renewal, you are only allowed to do so within 30 days AFTER your existing subscription expire and they resubscribed you.


      • Adobe does not give you any reminder before your subscription expire.


      • Adobe does not give you any notice after they resubscribed your product.


      The above basically means that you will need a strong reminder to tell you to disable your adobe service at the right date or else they will lock you into an additional year of payment. And if you do remember to cancel it on the right time (30 days after they renewed your product), you still have to deal with customer support that is very likely outsourced to non english native speaking country, a very frustrating process.


      As a user that has been using Adobe product for 8 years. I simply do not understand why stopping renewal is not an option in the user account if Adobe is willing to do business in good faith. Adobe's product is still good to use and I understand it might be hard to survive in the current software industry without using the subscription model, but using this cheap tactics to get a user to resubscribe is way too cheap, especially by a company with such well established reputation in the creative industry.