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    Narration Volume and Clarity


      Hi, I am Don and new to Premiere Elements 12, and new to forum.


      I imported fifteen Powerpoint slides into my timeline, and added some music for the background. Then I added some narration to my first 4 slides and everything was fine. Got tired, saved project. When I came back I tried to narrate my other slides but the sound of my narration was not the same volume or clarity. The more I tried to fix this the worse things got.


      How can I get all 15 narrations to have same volume and clarity?


      Any help will be most appreciated.


      Do n

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you using the Audio Meters (under the Tools menu) to monitor your audio levels? You can't trust the sound coming out of your computer's speakers. You want your audio to be full and green on the Audio Meters but not overmodulated.


          Once you've verified that the audio is indeed at incorrect levels, we can show you how to balance and mix your audio.


          BTW, have you checked out my free 8 part Basic Training tutorials for Premiere Elements? They'll help you get up and running with the basics of the program.


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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            This thread appears to be a duplicate of



            The replies in the other thread are piling up.


            Steve Grisetti needs to decide whether to keep the two threads active or close one.

            For now, please check periodically for answers posted in both threads.





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              DonatHome Level 1

              Hello Steve,


              I think I am in the wrong forum.. However I thank you for your suggestions. If you are talking about the meters under Audio Mix, I did try thatbut they seem to have a mind of their own. I tried to set the meters as I had them for the first four slided that came out great, but when I narrated, they went back to where they wer and that was not good.


              I will check out the link you provided.


              Can I do a print screen of the narration track and all can see the difference in the wave (If that is what you call it)?  If so HOw would I attach it, or just copy paste in reply?


              I appreciate all that everone is doing to correct this.. I just will have to get back to right forum when I correct this.  Thanks

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                DonatHome Level 1

                Hi A.T.


                I realize I am in two different forums, and I apologize.  I am so new to all of this and with your patience I will withdraw from the forum that is incorrect.  I need to complete my project as I have tried it my own for a month before seeking help on the forum(s).   Thanks

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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Are you saying that this isn't an issue with Premiere Elements 12?


                  This is the Premiere Elements user to user forum.

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                    DonatHome Level 1

                    Hi Steve,


                    I am not saying this isn't an issuse with Premeir Elements 12. It certainly is. I may sound very stupid to some, and I cannot help that. Someone stated I was in two different forums with the same question, and I am not quite sure how that hapened. I am a newbie to everything, so I honestly don't know how two different forums are answering me. Both have been very helpful, and I am attempting everything that is suggested.


                    I did ask in one of my replies it is OK to send a copy of Print Screen so people could see the waves and when they seem to have  gone amiss. If that is possible do I Copy and Paste or do attachments?


                    I do have problems reading books, do your books come digital?


                    Any help is appreciated.



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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Hoping the following helps to resolve any forum misunderstandings. Please refer to my post 2 in this thread that we are in now.


                      I am not sure why and how it happened, but you have two threads on the same topic in just one forum at this time, the Premiere Elements Forum. That is the forum that both you and I and Steve Grisetti are in along with others. You are not in two different forums at this time.I had hoped that Steve Grisetti (forum moderator) who is in this thread with you would have read my post 2 explaining what was happening, information slipping through the cracks in this situation.


                      You clearly state in either thread that you are working with Premiere Elements 12 and are having difficulties keeping consistent volume and clarify of the narration produced with the Narration Tool. You have gotten several replies from different users in that thread, and we appreciate your replies there.


                      It is not you, it is the system so please hang in there so that our only focus is getting your narrations for your project and not forum posting issues relating to two identical threads active at the same time.


                      On the matter of posting screenshots...what I do is to create the screenshot as a jpg saved to the computer hard drive. Then I start my reply in the thread and go to the camera icon at the top of the reply. There I click on the camera icon, use Browse in what follows, select the jpg, and then hit Insert Image where I want it inserted in the reply that I am preparing. All this is best done by you signing into the Premiere Elements Forum using your computer browser. Many try to reply by way of the email notifications and get into problems.


                      Thanks for the follow ups.




                      Please let us know if you are OK with the information.





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                        Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                        As ATR has pointed out, this topic is a duplicate of the conversation you started in this thread.



                        To avoid confusion and repetition, I'm going to lock this thread. Please continue your discussion in the original thread.