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    InDesign, Interactive form (PDF) & radio button appearance problem...

    jeromevadon Level 1

      I am working on an interactive PDF form, using InDesignCC x64, and as I need to have "one choice only selection", I am using radio button. But customer want them to look like checkboxes.


      No problem:  I know how to customize them but....But... BUT... The radio button's custom appeareances just won't show in Acrobat (instead I got the default circular button radio appearance).


      I checked build-in radio button from indesign library (from 010 to 024) and got the same result. The only way I found is to re-edit my form with Acrobat, and change propertie to "square" instead of circle (but still can not get my custom appeareance). But as my form contains several pages and a huge amount of those, not mentionning upcoming several release, I would prefer to not have to edit anything with Acrobat and stay inside Indesign.


      This is not my first form, and I am not really a newbie, but on this one, I am totally clueless...

      Hope someone from the comunity will be able to help... (I got 7 of those to be done by 48h... Perfect timing )

      Using all updated Adobe products (x64 / win 8.1)


      Is someone have an idea where that mes come from ?