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    RAM usage

    Daniel Keiling Level 1

      Hi everybody,


      first of all, regardless that problem isn´t solved yet, thanks very much to Todd for his very detailed problem descriptions. It´s very interesting to understand how AE is handling the memory, with this in mind, it´s way more better to search for the problem´s origin.


      After still getting this and other memory based errors, I downloaded FreeRAMBosster and checked the RAM usage during working on my project.


      After opening the project, there are 17 GB left of 24 GB. Prerendering 4 - 5 seconds causes the free RAM to go down to 8 MEGABYTE.


      The thing is, one, why is that, and two, why won´t I get more free RAM again even after purging everything possible? The system only releases RAM after I shut down AE.


      Currently I´m working on

      • Mac Pro
      • 2 x 2,4 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon
      • 24 GB 1066 MHz DDR3
      • After Effects
      • AE got 21 GB RAM for use, other apps got 3 GB.
      • Multiprocessing is OFF.
      • Preview resolution is set down to every 16 px.


      Ok, I´ve got an Illustrator document with 40 layers in it which is the basis for the AE project. Maybe this causes the RAM to go down to the ground. But I do not understand why there is no RAM reset in any stage of currently working on a project. Because you won´t have fun during processing, and final rendering is absolutely impossible.


      Thanks for any further input on this.

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          > "After Effects"


          First, why have you not installed the updates? you are three major bug-fix updates behind?


          Start by installing the updates.

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            Daniel Keiling Level 1

            Hello Todd,


            thanks for your quick response.


            I did not update AE yet on this machine because Creative Cloud Desktop was "installing" it and got stuck at 90% for about 3 hours. So I cancelled it because our IT changed something in our firewall regarding Adobe during the install process and I thought this could have been the point. Anyway CC said "Installed successfully". I guessed the last 10% was updating it to which it didn´t do.


            What I probably have to mention additionally is that I started with this project on a Macbook Pro. On there I started facing these issues and first thing I did was updating it to This did not solve the problem, the errors continued appearing.


            So I moved the whole project on this Mac Pro because I thought it could be performance issues.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              Even so, before going any further, install the updates so that we're working from a known foundation (since nearly anyone helping you is going to be using the updated version). You can get the manual updater here if you were having problems with the automatic update:


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                Daniel Keiling Level 1

                Alright, updating now.


                Aside, what I´m wondering is: Shouldn´t it usually work that way that all the frames which are rendered are moved from RAM to the hard drive so the RAM is not being fully stretched?

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                  Daniel Keiling Level 1

                  Hi Todd and everyone landed here because of the same issues,


                  I just figured it out.


                  Todd, I didn´t do the update because I wanted to test something first. The problem got something to do with the file link between After Effects and Illustrator. Or maybe it´s just really physically happening that the RAM was overflooded.


                  My whole project was based on one single Illustrator document with mutliple layers (ca. 40). I just split it up now scene by scene (f. e. 4 scenes = 4 Illustrator documents with multiple layers within) and relinked the footage in AE to that new documents.


                  That did the job!!! AE just got through it like a hot knife through butter.


                  A side effect of that was that there were continiously 4 - 5 GB RAM free, so the rendering process was just flowing.


                  What I´m still interested in Todd is if there is any RAM reset during working on a project at some stage. I´m finished rendering now and have 3 GB RAM left.