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    How to apply conditional build tags to the topic title that is displayed in Search tab of CHM?

    limacon Level 1

      I have the project in which 2 different words are used to reffer to one objects (this word/term depends on the customer). All other information related to functionality, steps, etc. are common. So:

      • In the help content (body of the files), I created 2 conditional build tags (CBT) for these terms.
      • In TOC, if topic title contains the term, I created 2 different topics reffered to the single topic file, but the title of the topic shows correct term (depends on CBT).
      • File names of this topics contain only term1.


      The problem occurs when I generate CHM for CBT2 and search for the term1 (marked with CBT1) using the Search tab. All occurrencies where term1 presence in the file name, appear in the found results.


      How can I resolve the issue?


      These topics must be found by search (that's why "Exclude from search" option is not a decision).