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    Photoshop CC sluggish and laggy on Retina 15' Haswell (OS X 10.9.2)

    Rolzay Level 1



      I recently purchased a Macbook Pro Retina 15' and downloaded and installed Photoshop CC from the Creative Cloud.

      The problem is, Photoshop performs really laggy. When moving around layers or applying blending options it does it sluggishly. It's hard to explain, but it just gets really annoying to the point where you can't properly work on it.

      I also used Illustrator, Flash, Lightroom, Premiere and After Effects and all of these work perfectly without any lag.


      I know a lot of users have complained about the same issue, and I just want to know has there been found a solution for this yet?


      My Macbooks specs are: i7 2.3ghz, 16GB ram, 512GB SSD, Intel Iris + GT 750M.

      Based on the specs, there is no way Photoshop would lag normally on this kind of machine, so I'm guessing it has something to do with the retina screen?

      I've been a Adobe user for many years on a Windows PC and have never had any problems like this.


      I am using the gfxCardStatus app, so I definitely know that the 750M is in use instead of the Iris, while in Photoshop. I have also tried disabling the 'Use Graphic Processor' option, exiting PS, and enabling it again, but it hasn't made a difference. Have also tried re-installing PS, but without any luck.


      Any thoughts?