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    Saving as a PDF file


      I received this error when trying to make my form a PDF: "Some content on the PDF is too large to fit on a single page." however no guidance as to which parts of the form are too large, so I don't have any idea how to fix it!

      Please advise, thanks

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          Josh_Corey Adobe Employee



          In the error message:

          Some PDF content is too large.PNG

          Click on the link to "Design Tab", this takes you to the "Design Tab" and sets the "View" mode to "Page View":

          You are now in page view.PNG

          There is a pop up by the "View" selector at the bottom right that lets you know you are now in Page View.  Page View is for designing your form for PDF, Web View is for designing it for the HTML/web form.

          In Page View the contents that do not fit on the page are highlighted with a red overlay:

          Red overlay.PNG


          There you can adjust the contents to fit.  This FAQ on designing your form for PDF will give you some pointers on Page View: