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    creative.adobe.com not working

    Thany2 Level 1

      When I go to https://creative.adobe.com/ or ANY page on that site, all I get is the header. The rest is an entirely white screen. After the page has finished loading, it still takes about 3 seconds before the header appears.





      It's been like that all day long, so I hope Adobe didn't mess up something. But then again, other websites are working absolutely fine, so...


      Looking at the network inspector, I'm seeing a HTTP 410 (Gone) on these urls:

      - https://creative.adobe.com/api/profile?_=1396020584323

      - https://creative.adobe.com/api/profile/quota?_=1396020584324


      Everything else is downloaded fine. Some are perfectly fine HTTP 200's, 304's, and some even from the cache (which I did clear before, so that isn't the problem).


      As for the HTML source, there are three things:

      1) A buttload of scripts (which are loading fine)

      2) A message saying my IE is outdated - I'm not using IE, and I'm not seeing the message on screen

      3) A <noscript> block.


      So there's no descernable content on the page. Oops?

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          Thany2 Level 1

          Could you please read my post and read the thing you linked? The two have absolutely nothing to do with one another... I *seriously* can't imagine how uninstalling/reinstalling the desktop app will fix the website. What's more, I don't currently have the desktop app installed... I was going to reinstall the thing, only to stumble upon the site being blank. THE SITE.

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            That's exactly what I thought when I saw that reply...

            I have the same problem as you. With THE SITE. I don't know which browser you're using, I'm using Chrome, and need my Cloud Files to work with Chrome.


            I contacted an Adobe Agent who struggled to understand what the problem was, and struggled even more to offer relevant suggestions.

            Tried clearing the cookies, didn't work. Tried Firefox, IE, Safari, all worked but not Chrome. Was told I had to update Chrome, while Chrome itself said it was up-to-date. Was told to reinstall Chrome (as prompted by the Agent), but that didn't solve the problem either (and made me shut the chat window of course).


            Chatting with another (not very reactive) agent now, spent an hour waiting around stating the obvious, and I don't see that we're any closer to a solution.


            Just thought I'd share my enthusiasm with you

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              Thany2 Level 1

              The problem is with the site. Nothing you or I do will help. I think I have given enough evidence to that end.


              I can only conclude that Adobe will have to get some developers going, and have them fix the problem. Only Adobe can fix the problem. We may be able to jump through hoops and work around the problem, but we are paying dearly for this service, so we may expect a thing that at least works as promised.

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                Celeb-7 Level 1

                I second that.

                The Agent just advised me to... (wait for it)... read the forum.




                It seems you chose the wisest option from the start. Wait for an expert on here.

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                  I am having this same issue. I tried on Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and finally IE.  No luck on ANY of them.


                  My temporary solution, though, was to go into the IE developer tools, turn on IE9 emulation, and it all seemed to load. Hopefully you can do that to at least get what you need from the website.


                  I should NOT have to emulate a non-current version of a browser just to load a website.

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                    Thany2 Level 1

                    Still this issue.


                    @Alexis-7 no offense, but I don't need an expert. I need Adobe to fix the problem. I can't help them with that, and they don't need me to do anything. It's just a website, one that doesn't work.



                    @Adobe, would you fix this already?!