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    Email button created in InDesign won't work on Interactive PDF. Anyone know a fix?


      Hello there, I am trying to make a e-mail button work after its .swf file is imported into a new iD document and exported as a interactive PDF. I have tried various things and work around but I can not seem to be able top make it wrong. I ask iD twiter for help and after a conversation with them I was told to try here.


      OS: Windows 7, iD Version 9.2.1 x64


      This is my process (Will include images and document files)


      1. Create simple solid color box object. Add a text title to the box and otline the text.


      2. Group the objects and make it into a button. Add a roll over appearance.


      3. Add "go to URL" action. One sample button URL is: mailto:test@email(dot)com, Second sample URL is: mailto://test@email(dot)com (the forum editor kept making links to this fake emails)


      4. Export iD document to .swf (Settings where default)

          NOTE* Here the .swf open in chrome and the email buttons work fine as a .swf alone




      5. Import the SWF into a new iD file. Export this second iD file to an Interactive PDF (Seetings where default)




      After doing this I click on the email buttons inside the interactive PDF but they dont start my email app (Outlook 2013) However every time I click either button a new empty Google Chrome window opens.


      Here is a dropbox link to the files themselves, the type is outlines so no need to worry for missing fonts. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fp76buzt98td8fy/4DD6tqImd9


      I hope someone can help me getting this fixed. Http:// Link buttons work fine on interactive PDF's following this process. For soem reason the email ones are the only ones that wont work. I have to use this process because I am working with an interactive PDF that has an animated roll over menue that does not work with ePub so the only way for my project to work the way I want it too is by exporting .swf of the finished file, importing on a new iD file and re-exporting to a interactive PDF.


      It was really hard finding anyhting related to this issue im having. Here is the only similar  issue I could find and it is from 2008! http://forums.adobe.com/thread/324167 I do hope I am the one doing something wrong here and not that Adobe has not fixed this .swf email links issue.


      Thanks for the help!