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    Error message with Presenter 8 Accordian Interaction


      I have about six slides that have the Accordian interaction added using Presenter 8. When previewing them as a flash file, some of them come up with an error message when you click one of the titles that is to expand to show additional text. Not all of the titles come up with this error, and some slides don't have the error at all. The error message is: "You have selected the wrong file type. Please try again." and then there's a "retry" button. You click the button and the error message goes away and you can continue until you get another error message on the accordian. Once you click through all the "retry" buttons, you can click any title and the associated text appears as it should. I have tried copying a slide where all the accordians work and then editing the text. It would work for awhile and then all of a sudden, I would get the error messages again.


      I then thought it might be the small PNG file I added to some of the accordians. Whenever I try to remove the image, and then click OK, it crashes PowerPoint. I'm getting REALLY FRUSTRATED!!!!



      It is the image inserted into the accordian that is causing the error message. I tried to create a new accordian and insert a JPG instead of PNG. It looked awful, but I figured it was a test anyway. It came up with the same error when playing it as a flash file. I tried to remove the JPG images and, again, trying to remove them crashed PowerPoint. So my "solution" is to not insert an image and to recreate all the accordians that have images in them. Thanks Adobe Presenter! This has cost me HOURS in troubleshooting and recreating content!!