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    RH6 imports topic titles with underscores

      I submitted a BUG report on this because this did not happen in X5. Does anyone have a workaround?

      We recently upgraded from X5 to RH6. Our projects use a title field (this is set up in a template file), so the title gets automatically populated when we create new topics. This still works as expected.

      However, if we import a topic from another project, the title is populated with underscores instead of spaces. So now we have to edit the titles--very annoying. I've looked everywhere to see if we can change a setting somewhere in RH6 (and in our template file), but I can't find anything that works.

      Please tell me that this isn't a new "quirk" in RH6 that I'm going to have to tolerate indefinitely. Surely, our group isn't the only one out there with this situation.

      I'd appreciate any help with this!
      Thanks so much!