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    Exporting from CS6 to PDF Hyperlink Problems


      Hi there,

      I am developing a document in InDesign CS6.  The document is intended for viewing electronically and will include over 150 hyperlinks to different pdf files. 


      I followed the steps for adding a new hyperlink by chosing windows, interactive, hyperlinks.  I added a new hyperlink; selected "File" under the Link To menu; and then chose the file through the browsing option. 


      Here is my problem:  When I first exported to a pdf, the first few links worked beautifully!  I went through the rest of my document and entered all the hyperlinks needed (over 150).  I then exported to the interactive pdf; however, when i tested the file, the hyperlinks no longer worked!


      I have made sure all the files are in the same file as well. 


      The intent of this document is to save the interactive pdf file, along with all the pdf files used for the hyperlinks, to a usb drive and distribute to over 100 employees with my company. 


      Can anyone please help? 


      Thank you in advance for any advice you may have!