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    PE11 - Sound plays in preview, but not in created .mp4?




      Not sure what exactly is going on here -- the sound plays perfectly during the preview at the top of the screen--but when I click "Publish and Share" and try to create an .mp4, the video plays perfectly, but part of the sound drops out, and always in the same places -- Strangely enough, it was working on my system before!  So I don't know what happened to make it not work.


      When I create just an audio file -- an  .AAC -- same thing happens.  part of the audio drops out, again in the same places.  But it plays just fine during the preview.


      Once in awhile when I try to make this .mp4 I will also get:  "Error compiling movie -- unknown error"

      That could be the same problem, or a different problem entirely -- not sure.


      Here's what I tried so far:

      -Disabling autosave

      -Removing all effects from the film

      -Erased all .mp3s from my timeline, still the sound drops out

      -Completely erased one half of my film from the timeline (reasoning there was a corrupt clip in the front half causing some type of global problem)

      -Completely erased the other half of my film from the timeline

      -Downloaded and installed the latest drivers for my video card

      -Looks like I already have the most recent sound card drivers

      -Moved the scratch disk to a different directory, erased all the preview files -- causing it to have to recreate them

      -and Reboots aplenty


      Then I took an old version of an .AAC I had (back when it worked in its entirety)-- passed it into another program I have - Audacity -- and converted it into an .mp3.  This .mp3 works fine on my media players.


      I went into PE11, stripped all the sound out and replaced it with this single .mp3.  The .mp3 works in the preview, but when I created it as an .AAC file -- it has no sound at all.  For my next attempt, I found a tool on the internet to convert .mp3s to .AAC and tried to use that .AAC version instead of the .mp3.  In PE11 -- when I try to output an .AAC (which is the format it was already in!), or an .mp3, it creates a file with no sound.


      What would cause the sound to work in the preview, but not when it is output to a file?


      My system:


      Intel Core 2 Duo E6850 @ 3.00 GHz

      2046 RAM

      DirectX Version:  DX9.0c

      Windows XP Pro

      Sound:  Creative SB X-Fi

      Graphics:  ATI Radeon HD 5700


      Thanks in advance!



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What happens if you use a WAV file for your source audio in Premiere Elements?

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            What is the duration of the projects involved in this problems.


            What are the properties of your source media?

            What project preset are you or the project setting for these projects?


            What is your export settings under Publish+Share/Computer/presumed AVCHD and one of its .mp4 presets...which one?





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              JoePrivate Level 1

              The duration of the projects involved is small -- here, for example, is a project I tried that is only 4 minutes and 08 seconds, it has a .WAV audio source, and the audio drops out.  Note that this project is for a totally different film -- shot with a completely different camera, and sound was recorded separately.  It exhibits the same exact problem of the audio working in the preview, but dropping out in the exported mp4.


              Source Properties of the Video:

              File Path:  H:\High Card\AUG2013\1\PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM\00012.MTS

              Type:  MPEG movie

              File Size:  2.2 GB

              Image Size:  1920x1080

              Frame Rate:  23.976

              Source Audio Format:  48000 Hz - compressed - Stereo

              Project Audio Format:  48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

              Total Duration:  00:04:08:19

              Average Data Rage:  8.9 MB/second

              Pixel Aspect Ratio:  1.0


              Source Properties of the Audio:

              File Path:   H:\High Card\AUG2013\Sound\STEREO\FOLDER01\MONO-009.wav

              Type:  Windows WAVE audio file

              File Size:  136.4 MB

              Source Audio Format:  96000 Hz - 24 bit - Stereo

              Project Audio Format:  96000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

              Total Duration:  00:04:08:31616

              Average Data Rate:  526 KB / second


              The project preset is a custom one I created under  AVCHD--because I thought I had to match up the settings with that of the source clip.  This is what it says when I select "Advanced"



              NTSC, 1920x1080, 23.976 Progressive

              AAC, 192 Kbps, 48 Khz, Stereo

              VBR, 1 Pass, Target 3.00, Max 6.00 Mbps



              Clip, Sequence 01

              1920x1080 (1.0), 23.976 Progressive, 00:04:10:08

              48000 Hz, Stereo


              When I select Video, the settings I have selected:

              Profile:  "Main" Level "5.0", Pixel Aspect Ratio:  "Square Pixels", "VBR", "1 Pass" Target Bitrate "3", Maximum Bitrate "6")


              When I select Audio:

              Audio Format: AAC

              Output Channels:  Stereo

              Frequecy: 48 Khz

              Audio Quality:  High

              Bitrate:  192

              Precedence:  Frequency


              When I select Multiplexer:

              Multiplexer: MP4

              Stream Compatibility:  Standard


              Yes, I confirmed I have this particular preset selected in my export settings.  No clue what the problem is.


              Another thing that is interesting:  Not all clips have the audio drop out.  I did a few clips this morning where the sound works perfectly in both the preview and the export.  Same Camera, same audio recording device -- different outcome.

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                JoePrivate Level 1

                Addendum:  The sound drops out even when I try to output an .mp4 using a default project setting -- in this case, I tried it with AVCHD - MP4 - NTSC DV Standard

                Same result

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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  I am not an audio engineer. So keeping that in mind.


                  That audio spec for the .wav of 96000 Hz 24 bit Stereo hits me with thoughts of compatibility issues in general.


                  Can you take the 96000 Hz to 48000 Hz with 32 bit Float?


                  Project Preset in New Project Dialog Should Be (Based on the Video source)





                  DSLR 1080p24


                  Export Settings for 1080p24 as AVCHD.mp4





                  with Presets = MP4 - 1920 x 1080p24


                  The audio in that export AVCHD .mp4 file should be AAC Stereo 48000 Hz 32 Float


                  Please give that a look to see it is a good or not so good idea.





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                    JoePrivate Level 1

                    I think you could be onto something here....


                    Because on the timeline -- when I right-click on the audio clip, and select "Show properties" it  tells me that the source audio format is 96000 Hz....


                    But when I go into Publish and Share - Advanced - Export Settings,

                    No matter what preset I select there -- it is always telling me that the source is 48000 Hz.


                    So it thinks that it is 96000 Hz in the timeline, but 48000 Hz during export.   Maybe that's why it works in preview mode, but not after an export.


                    I don't see a way for me to tell the Export Settings that the Source is actually 96000 Hz, not 48000 Hz.  All of the options there let me change the output, rather than the source/input. 


                    So what you said above may very well be the solution:


                    >Can you take the 96000 Hz to 48000 Hz with 32 bit Float?



                    I just don't know how to do that.  Do I need special software which will convert 96000 Hz clip to 48000 hz clip?


                    I'm no audio engineer either...  kind of a novice at all this stuff, trying to figure it out as I go

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                      A.T. Romano Level 7



                      Premiere Elements as no frequency setting higher than 48000 Hz.


                      Let us try this and hope it does the job of going from 96000 Hz 32 Float to 48000 Hz 32 Float. I think it will.


                      Download and install the free audio editor named Audacity.



                      Import your audio file into Audacity

                      Go to Tracks Menu/Resample.

                      In the Resample dialog, select 48000 Hz for the "New Sample Rate (Hz).


                      Export as .wav (File Menu/Export/and the choice for .wav.


                      Please let us know the outcome. I am thinking positive thoughts.





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                        JoePrivate Level 1

                        So far... great news, it's working! 


                        I'll just use Audacity to resample all of my audio clips @ 48000 Hz, and use the resampled clips as my source audio, instead of my original audio clips.


                        Thanks ATR!!



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                          A.T. Romano Level 7



                          Can you hear me applauding your success across cyberspace? Great job.


                          We are very happy for your wonderful news. Great learning experience for all, including me.


                          Best wishes.