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    Another HD setup question...


      Hello, everyone.  I've tried to piece this together given the various threads already on the subject, but I can't quite figure out how to weigh certain elements, so I wonder if someone can speak to a setup like this.


      I have an Asus G75V laptop - has two drives built in.  I just bought a 'cradle' to convert my optical drive to a third HD.  So, my hardware is now:


      C: / D: (250GB SSD)

      E: / F: (750GB 7200RPM)

      G: (250GB SSD - new!)


      L: / M: / N: (8TB RAID5 NAS connected over Gigabit ethernet)


      My system (Windows) is on C:, and so far I've been using D: for 'current projects' (ie video files/whatever I'm currently working on, even though it's the same physical drive - it still seems faster to use the same SSD than a separate 7200RPM drive)...  This, I guess, is the crux of the question: I now have three physical drives, so three different SATA ports to avoid bottlenecks there...  but one of them is a 7200RPM drive.  What makes the most sense, organizationally?


      I'm thinking this, but I'd love other people's thoughts:


      C: - system

      D: - applications (Adobe suite)

      E:/F: - previews..?  and exports?  really not sure about this until I upgrade this to an SSD?

      G: - current project (all project files: audio/video/etc.), scratch/caches? (or should that go on D: as well..?)


      L:/M:/N: - backups!


      Please help!  I am fairly confused.