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    iBooks Widget Audio Issue (Edge Animate)


      Hello, my name is Dominic Redding. I've been working on an HTML5 widget for an iBook (testing via iBooks Author). I've been having an issue that I just can't seem to find a fix for (I've checked through these forums, the Apple forums, and some other misc forums, and each "fix" has failed me). I'm implementing my audio via Edge's native audio implementation (using the newest release) and set the play to a div visibly off of the stage. My problem is:


      I have audio in my project which triggers each time a button is tapped. On the Ctrl+Return browser preview, everything plays A-OK. When I put the .wdgt into iBooks Author and preview it onto an iPad, the audio refuses to play entirely. When I test the .ibook on Mac iBooks, everything works perfectly. When I test the .ibook on an iPad, it fails again. I'm using .m4a audio files.


      I'm trying to figure out how to get the audio to play on an iPad (and/or why specifically it will not play on the iPads) and I need some help. Thank you for your time.




      My .ibook file for anyone who wants to prod: https://copy.com/AGuFcv60OxZW