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    Workflow Options

    Lundberg02 Level 3

      Mac OS 10.9.2, PSCS 5.1, Camera Raw 6.7.

      I have installed some additional RGB profiles in Lbrary/ Application Support/Adobe/Color/Profiles, and also in ColorSync. They show up and are usable.

      I have been unable to find any way to add a profile to the Workflow Options in Camera Raw. There doesn't seem to be a folder in Application Support/Adobe, or a preference.  Only the four profiles sRGB, Adobe 1998, Color Match, and Pro Photo are in the pulldown.

      I would like to be able to use Best RGB, Don RGB,and Max RGB for better green and not waste bits in Pro Photo due to invisible primaries.

      I believe Kodak's original intent with ProPhoto was to capture the yellows and oranges of Ektachrome, but it required imaginary primaries to move the right hand edge over them.  These other profiles go deeper into the green and would seem to be more useful.

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          ACR 6.7 can only use the 4 hardcoded color spaces....you can't add to them. ACR 8.x (for CS6 & CC) allow you to select any icc profile (RGB or CMYK or Lab) in the workflow options, but not in ACR 6.x.


          BTW, Best RGB and Don RGB fit within ProPhoto RGB. The only benefit (if it's really a benefit) is those two profiles do not go as far in the red primary. However, I've never seen that to be a problem when working in 16 bit. Not sure what you think you'll get using other wide gamut profiles...

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            Lundberg02 Level 3

            Ok, thanks, Jeff, so  they're hardcoded. it seemed like that was the case. So you can't add any in 7.x either. What about PSE 12, doesn't it use 8.x?

            I just want the freedom to use other RGBs and see what happens. especially after I get my wide gamut monitor. 

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              Jeff Schewe Level 5

              Don't know about Elements, but arbitrary color spaces was added in ACR 8.x. Can't be done in anything earlier...

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                Andrew_Hart Level 2





                I’ve got ACR 8.3 and CS6 on Win 7 and only see the usual 4 hard-wired colour spaces in Workflow Options.


                How do you access the “arbitrary color spaces” supposedly added in ACR 8.x ?


                Do you have to add these extra colour spaces yourself before you can see them, and if so, where (in which folder) do you place them?




                Andrew Hart

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                  Jeff Schewe Level 5

                  Hum...sorry, it seems to be in ACR 8.x hosted with Photoshop CC...my mistake, sorry...