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    Can't See Indesign File, It Crashes, I Re-open It and It Works

    Pam Bourdon

      When I open my large Indesign file, everything appears normally except I have a black screen where the document should display. The document tab exists as does the thumbnail view of all the pages, etc, but no actual document. When I try to close, Indesign crashes. When I re-open, the file opens fine and I can see everything as normal. This pattern of black screen - crashing - reponing to normal repeats itself over and over.


      I'm on a Windows machine running the most recent version of Indesign CC.


      I've tried "save as" to a new file name - same problem. I just go off the phone with Adobe support and they messed around, trashing my preferences and creating a new user account. The new administrator account kind of worked but I still got the problem to persist - once.


      Before this all started, I was moving files around and did not move a "lock" file with the main file from one of the crashes. I wonder if this could be related? Any ideas?

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          Pam Bourdon Level 1

          More information:


          This problem persists with other large Indesign documents of mine. It appears that the Indesign files themselves are not corrupt.


          This problem definitely persists in the "Administrator" user account that was created with Adobe's support. So, switching to a new user did not help.


          At the same time, I'm experiencing problems with Creative Cloud file storage, where I used to store some of the files associated with this document. However, it just doesn't feel like the two problems should be related.


          What is Indesign doing??? Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!