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    Why is Photoshop crashing my system?


      I used CS3 for many years and it was never, ever a problem.

      My computer is new and it doesnt have a single problem running other applications, but when the new CC photoshop is open, i cannot do a single ther thing for more than two minutes.


      There's no official way to file a support ticket with ADOBE at all, and that's infuriating.

      I committed a year of this plan and that's a lot of money for a program that lags my entire system. It just makes everything freeze. i have to force shutdown my computer, and I hate doing that.


      I use Photoshop for Second Life design and i have to have photoshop open while i have Second Life also open and with the new one, there's just no way. Is there a setting i can activate on this new PS that makes it less consuming on my processor and doesnt make my entire system crash? And is there no one i can contact if i want my money back?

      Mostly, it's incredibly frustrating. I work from home and I work every single day, and this has almost put a screeching halt to my work, and therefore, my income.

      Does anyone have any kind of help for me on this?